When The Bough Breaks

When The Bough Breaks – Fourth Movement

Player Reference Page

The True20 Quick Start Rules PDF is available from here.

The following system is adapted from the Point-Buy Character Generation System v2.5 by "Malthusian" on the True20 forums. It has been further altered by elements from Mutants and Masterminds and the M&M Mastermind's Manual. adapted here for this campaign.

Campaign Level

The Narrator sets the Campaign Level for the game. All characters begin with 10 character points.



Cost in Character Points

Ability Score

1 Ability Point OR 10 CPs
for +1 Ability

Combat Bonus

2 CP fpr +1 Combat Bonus*

Save Bonus

1 CP for +1 Save Bonus


1 CP for 4 (+ INT) Skill Ranks


1 CP for 1 Feat or +1 Feat Rank

Power Level

2 CP for +1 Power Level

* - Player must specify styles used by that character.

Basic Abilities

You have points to divide among Ability Scores. Each Ability starts at 0. A +1 bonus to an Ability Score costs 1 Ability Score point (this is different from Character Points.) Taking a -1 penalty on an Ability gains you an extra 1 Ability Score point. Abilities may not be lower than -5, or exceed +5. The abilities are: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma.

Choose your character's Base Combat Bonus. Each +1 bonus costs 2 points. Base Combat Bonus may not exceed the Campaign Level. Also, the character must specify styles which they are proficient in. Example styles include Sword-and-Shield, Two-Weapon Fighting, Bow Combat, Two-Handed Weapon, Finesse Weapon. A character is assumed to be proficient at "unarmed combat" without any combat bonus.

Choose your character's Base Saving Throw bonuses (Fortitude, Reflex, and Will), paying 1 point per +1 bonus. Total Save Modifiers are limited to Campaign Level + 5. You may choose one Save to raise +1 above that limit. Toughness Save may only increase above your base Constitution bonus through the purchase of feats and powers.


Choose skills for your character, paying 1 point per 4 skills ranks. Characters receive bonus points to add to Skill Ranks equal to their INT modifier (1 point for each +1 of INT). Skill Rank may not exceed Campaign Level + 3.

Skill Ability Untrained? Specialization? Action Take 10/20
Acrobatics DEX No No React or Move 10
Bluff CHA Yes No Standard or Full 10
Climb STR Yes No Move or Full 10
Concentration WIS Yes No React --
Craft INT No Yes -- 10
(20 on repair)
Diplomacy CHA Yes No Full 10
Disable Device DEX No No Full 10/20
Disguise CHA Yes No -- 10
Escape Artist DEX Yes No Full 20
Gather Information CHA Yes No -- 10
Handle Animal CHA Yes No -- 10/20
Intimidate CHA Yes No Standard or Full 10
Jump STR Yes No Move 10
Knowledge INT No Yes React or Full 10/20
Language -- No Yes -- --
Medicine WIS No No -- 10/20
Notice WIS Yes No React or Move 10/20
Perform CHA Yes Yes -- 10
Ride DEX No No Move 10
Search INT Yes No Full 10/20
Sense Motive WIS Yes No React 10
Sleight of Hand DEX No No Standard 10
Stealth DEX Yes No Move 10
Survival WIS Yes No -- 10
Swim STR Yes No Move or Full 10
* - Player must specify styles used by that character.


Pay 1 point for each Feat. Characters are limited to a number of Feats equal to the Campaign Level + 5. This limit includes any additional Feats gained through a character's Background. All Feats are available to everyone. The following feats are available.

Feat Description
Style Mastery Choose any combat style you have equal to your level. You receive a permanent +1 bonus to this style, even if this raises it above the Campaign Level cap. This feat may be taken more than once. Each time, you may apply it to the same style or a different one. (However, you may not go more than +3 over the cap.)
This feat can be taken multiple times.
Accurate Attac Subtract up to 5 from your damage roll, and add the same amount to your attack roll. Cannot more than double your attack roll.
Acrobatic Bluff Use Acrobatics to feint and trick in combat. Opposed by opponent's Sense Motive or Acrobatics skill (whichever is higher.)
All-Out Attack Subtract up to 5 from dodge/parry roll and add it to attack roll. Cannot more than double your attack roll.
Animal Empathy Can use Diplomacy, Bluff, and Gather Information skills on animals normally.
Armor Training Light or heavy.
Must have light armor training before getting heavy armor training. Without armor training, armor check penalties apply to all rolls while wearing armor. With armor training, armor check penalties apply only to: Acrobatics, CLimb, Escape Artist, Jump, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, and Swim
Assessment Ability to size up someone's combat capabilities by observing them carefully. As a move action, choose a subject and make a Sense Motive check opposed by the subject's Bluff check. If you succeed, the GM tells you the subject's combat bonus relative to your own (higher, lower, or equal.) In the case of a difference of greater than 5, the GM may say that the difference is 'considerably' higher or lower. If you fail the roll, the GM will over- or under-estimate the subject's combat bonus.
In terms of this game, this feat will apply to any weapons carried upon the subject's person. For example, a successful use of Assessment will tell an observer that the man with the bow who came in could be 'considerably' better at the bow than the observer, and also 'equal' to the observer when it comes to small bladed weapons even if none are visible (which might be a hint that the subject has one on their person, just not where.)
Attack Focus Unusual prowess in one particlar kind of attack: Unarmed, grapple, a type of weapon style, or a supernatural power. Gain +1 bonus on all attack rolls made with this selected attack.
This feat can be taken multiple times.
Attack Specialization Prerequisite: Attack focus with the chosen attack
Choose an attack for which you already have Attack Focus for. You deal +1 damage when using this attack.
This feat can be taken multiple times.
Attractive You are particularly attracive, givig you +4 to Diplomacy and Bluff attempts to charm, seduce, or coerce anyone who might find you physically appealling.
Benefit You have a significant perquisite or fringe benefit, such as social status, documents, or identity.
Blind-Fight In melee combat, you suffer half the usual miss chance due to concealment. If you spend a Conviction point before rolling the miss chance, you automatically ignore the miss chance for that attack. You take only half the speed penalty for being unable to see. Your speed in darkness and poor visibility is three-quarters instead of one-half.
Canny Dodge When unarmored and unencumbered, add your INT or WIS as a dodge bonus to your Defense. (Choose one or the other when choosing this feat.) The bonus from this feat is in addition to any bonus from Dexterity. Canny Dodge bonus is lost when armored or carrying anything greater than a light load.
Chokehold If you pin an opponent while grabbling, you may apply a chokehold, causing your opponent to suffocate for as long as you maintain the pin.
Cleave If you knock out, disable, or kill an opponent, you may make an immediate melee attack against another opponent within reach with the same weapon and attack bonus. You may not move before taking this attack. This feat may be used once per round (to avoid the Thousand Cleaved Rats Syndrome.)
Connected You know people who know people, and from whom you can call in favors by making a Diplomacy check. A simple favor is Difficulty 10, going up to 25 for dangerous, difficult, or expensive favors. You can spend a Conviction point to automatically get the favor. The GM can veto any use of this if it is egregious or will spoil the adventure.
Contacts You have such an extensive network of contacts that Gather Information takes far less time. You can take 10 or 20 on the gather information check (taking 20 means it takes 20 minutes.)
Crippling Strike Prerequisite: Sneak Attack
Anyone taking lethal damage from one of your sneak attacks also suffers 1 point of Strength damage. This damage is recovered at a rate of 1 point per day.
Critical Strike Prerequisite: Favored Opponent
You score critical hits normally on targets that are immune to critical hits. This only applies to your favored opponents.
Dedicated You are deeply dedicated to a person or a cause (and need to roleplay this.) You gain +4 to any save or check against effects that would sway you from this dedication. When you spend a Conviction point on one of these rolls, it is treated as a 20, but not a Natural 20. Should you falter or waver from your dedication, the benefits of this feat are lost.
Defensive Attack Subtract up to 5 from your attack roll and add it to your dodge/parry bonus for this round.
Defensive Roll You can evade damage through agility. Take +1 to your Toughness saves, but this bonus is not applied when you are denied your dodge bonus or denied your dodge bonus.
This feat can be taken multiple times.
Deflect Arrows You can bat arrows and similar projectiles out of the air. You must have one hand unrestrained in order to use this feat. Once per round you may deflect one ranged attack that would have normally hit you. You must not have been caught flat-footed. You may not deflect bullets, energy beams, or other attacks that the GM deems appropriate.
Diehard When your condition is reduced to 'dying,' you automatically make the Constitution check to stabilize on the following round. Further damage can still kill you.
Dodge Focus Your dodge bonus is increased by +1.
This feat can be taken multiple times.
Eidetic Memory You have a +4 bonus to remember things, including saving throws that affect or erase memories. You can also make any Knowledge skill untrained.
Elusive Target You are expert at weaving in and out of combat. When you are engaged in melee combat, attempts to hit you are at -8 instead of the usual -4 for firing into melee combat.
Empower* Supernatural Feat
You can increase the amount of power you put into a power, effectively increasing the power rank. For each effective rank added to a power, add +2 to the fatigue Difficulty. You may not increase a power by more than 5 effective ranks (for +10 Difficulty.)
Endurance You gain +4 to Swim checks to avoid becoming fatigued, and +4 on Constitution or Fortitude checks when holding your breath, to avoid damage from starvation or thirst, and to avoid damage from hot or cold environments.
Erase Signature* Prerequisite: Second Sight Power
Supernatural Feat
Allows you to erase supernatural signatures.
Evasion If you make a Reflex save against an area-effect attack, you take no damage.
Supernatural Feat
You have a supernatural bond with a special animal companion. Consult the GM if you wish your character to have a familiar.
Far Shot Prerequisite: Point Blank Shot
When using a ranged weapon, the range increment increases by half. Thrown weapons have their range increment doubled.
Fascinate Prerequisite: Trained in the chosen Interaction skill
Choose Bluff, Intimidate, Diplomacy, or Perform. You can use this skill to capture and completely hold the attention of someone. You make a skill check versus the target's Will save or Sense Motive skill, whichever is the higher bonus. You may maintain the effect by taking a standard action each round to a maximum number of rounds equal to your skill ranks.
Favored Opponent You have a particular opponent that you've studied or are particularly effective against. You must specify the type of opponent.
You may not choose this feat for the monsters around Stanton.
Grappling Finesse You can use your Dexterity bonus instead of your Strength bonus to make grapple checks.
Great Cleave Prerequisite: Cleave
Functions like Cleave, except it can be used an unlimited number of times per round, until you miss a target or there are no more opponents in range. (Alas, this brings back the Thousand Cleaved Rats Syndrome.)
Great Fortitude Gain a bonus of +2 on all Fortitude saves.
Greater Attack Focus Prerequisite: Attack Focus
Gain an additional +1 attack bonus with the chosen attack.
Greater Attack Specialization Prerequisite: Attack Specialization
Gain an additional +1 damage bonus with the chosen attack.
Hide In Plain Sight Prerequisite: Stealth Rank 13
You can make Stealth checks even when observed and even if you do not have cover or concealment.
Imbue Item* Supernatural Feat
You can craft supernatural items, including weapons, armor, and charms.
Improved Critical Your critical threat range with a particular attack is doubled.
This feat can be taken multiple times.
Improved Defense When taking a total defense option in combat, you gain +6 bonus instead of the usual +4. You can take this feat a second time, giving you a total of +8 defense when taking total defense.
Improved Disarm You have +2 bonus to attack rolls when attempting to disarm an opponent, who does not get an opportunity to disarm you if you fail.
Improved Evasion Prerequisite: Evasion
You only take half damage from an area affect attack if you fail the Reflex save, and no damage if you succeed.
Improved Grab When you hit with an unarmed attack, you can immediately make a grapple check against that opponent as a free action Your unarmed attack counts as the initial attack roll required to start grappling. The opponent must be no larger than your size category
Improved Initiative You gain a +4 bonus on initiative checks.
Improved Pin Opponents suffer a -4 penalty on grappling checks against you to escape a grapple or pin.
Improved Precise Shot Prerequisite: Precise Shot
Ignore the defense bonus provided by anything less than total cover, and the miss chance from anything less than total concealment. You can make finesse attacks with ranged weapons.
Improved Ranged Disarm ou have no penalty to your attack roll when making a ranged disarm attempt.
Improved Speed Your speed increases by 10 feet while wearing no armor, light armor, or medium armor and not carrying a heavy load.
This feat can be taken multiple times.
Improved Strike You can inflict lethal damage with your unarmed strikes. Increase your unarmed striking (but not grappling) damage by +1 for every four total Campaign Levels, rouning up.
Improved Sunder You have +4 to hit when you attempt to strike an object held by another character.
Improved Throw You are skilled at throwing opponents off-balance. When making a trip attack, choose which ability your opponent uses to defend: Strength or Dexterity.
Improved Trip You have a +2 bonus on Strength and Dexterity checks to trip an opponent, and they do not get an opportunity to trip you if you fall.
Improvised Tools You can make do with whatever tools you have at hand. You ignore the -4 penalty for using a tool-dependent skill without proper tools.
Inspire Prerequisite: Charisma +1 or higher
You can inspire others with your presence. Each time this feat is taken, ou can acquire a new type of inspiration: Awe, Competence, Complacency, Courage, Fear, Fury. You can inspire a number of people equal to half the Campaign level, and the effects last for a number of rounds equal to the Campaign Level. Unwillign targets make a Will saving through versus Difficulty 10 + half the campaign level + your Charisma.)
Iron Will You gain a bonus of +2 on all Will saving throws.
Jack-of-all-Trades You can use any skill untrained, even those that normally cannot be used untrained. You must still have proper tools if a skill requires them.
Leadership Prerequisite: Campaign Level 6
You attract loyal companions and devoted followers, subordinates who will assist you. Consult the GM if you wish this feat.
Light Sleeper You do not suffer the +10 Difficulty modifier to Notice checks for being asleep. You can also act normally immediately upon waking.
Lightning Reflexes You get a bonus of +2 to all Reflex saving throws.
Low Profile You're less well known than you miht be. Reduce your Reputation by 3. Your reputation cannot go below 0.
This feat can be taken multiple times.
Lucky Prerequisite: Charisma +1
The universe just seems to like you. Add our Charisma score as a bonus to your Fortitude, Reflex, and Will saving throws.
Mass Suggestion Prerequisite: Suggestion
You can make the same suggestion simultaneously to any number of subjects you have already fascinated.
Master Plan If you have the opportunity to prepare for an encounter, you can formulate a plan to deal with it. An INT check vs. a Difficulty 10, if successful, you and your allies gain a bonus on all skill checks and attack rolls in the scene depending on the result of your check: +1 for a roll of 10-14, +2 for 15-24, and +3 for 25 or higher. You coose when during the scene to initiate your master plan. The bonus lasts for 3 rounds, then decreases at a rate of 1 per round until it is gone. You can not use this feat when dealing with sudden or unexpected encounters.
Mind Over Body* You can substitute Wisdom for Constitution in making Constitution checks, and Wisdom rather than Constitution when making Fortitude saving throws.
Mounted Combat You know how to maneuver a mount in combat. Once each round, if your mount would be hit by an atack, you can make a check using the relevant skill as a reaction to negate the hit. The skill check result must exceed the result of the opponent's attack roll. You can also mae a check using the relevant skill as a full-round action in which case the skill result becomes the mount's effective Defense for the entire round against all attacks.
Move-By Action When taking a standard action you can move both before and ater the action, provided the total distance isn't greater than the character's movement speed.
Point Blank Shot You get +1 to attack and damage with all ranged weapons at ranges of up to 30 feet.
Precise Shot Prerequisite: Point Blank Shot
You can make ranged atacks on opponents engaged in melee with your allies without the usual -4 penalty. When attacking an opponent with the Elusive Target feat, ou suffer a -4 penalty instead of -8.
Prone Fighting You suffer no penalties to your attac rolls for being prone, and opponents do no gain any bonuses to hit you with melee attacks while you are prone. You crawl at half speed rather than the usual five feet per move action.
Quick Draw You can draw or load a weapon as a free action, rather than as a move action; you can only do one of these things as a free action per round. Takign this feat a second time allows you to both draw and load a weapon in the same round as a free action.
Quicken Power* Supernatural Feat
Once per round, you can use a power that normally requires a full-round action as a standard action, or a power that normally requires a standard action as a move action. You cannot use powers more quickly than a move action using this feat. The fatigue Difficulty of the quickened power increases by +8.
Rage You fly into a berserk rage as a free action, gaining +2 STR, +2 to FORT and WILL, and =2 on Defense. Whiel enRaged you cannot use skills or powers requiring concentration or patience, and you cannot take 10 or 20 on skill checks Your rage lasts for five rounds after which you are fatigued for five rounds. You can use Rage once per day for every four full campaign levels. You can spend Conviction to rage an additional time that day. See the rules if you wish to take this feat more than once.
This feat can be taken multiple times.
Ranged Pin You can pin an oppoent using a ranged weapon to nail a bit of clothing to a nearby surace. The target must be within 5 feet of a wall, tree, or similar surface. The ranged pin is a normal attack roll. To brea free, the victim must take a move actiona nd make a successful strength or Escape Artist check against a Difficulty 15.
Redirect You can redirect a missed attack against you from that opponent to another target. Make a Bluff check against your opponent as a standard action. If the Bluff suceeds, and the opponent's next attack against you misses, you can redirect it as a reacton. The new target must be adjacent to you and within range of the attack. The attacker makes a new attack roll with the same modifiers as the first against the new target.
Run You move five times your normal running speed, if wearing medium light, or no armor, and carring no more than a medium load; or four times yoru speed if wearing heavy armor or carrying a heavy load. If you make a jump after a running start, you get a + bonus to your Jump check.
Second Chance Choose a particular hazard, r a particular skill with consequences for failure.. If you fail a saving throw against that hazard or a check with that skill, you can make another roll and use the better of the two results. Unlike Conviction, you do not treat rolls below 10 as a result of 10.
This feat can be taken multiple times.
Seize Initiative You can spend a COnviction point to go first in the initiative order, without having to roll for initiative. If more than one character uses this feat in a round, they roll initiative normally between each other and go in that order first, then the other characters who rolled initiative.
Set-Up You can transfer the benefis of a successful combat use of an interaction skill to an ally. (For example, you can feint and allow your ally to make the surprise attack against that opponent.) The interaction skill requires its normal time and skill check, and you must be able to interact with your ally.
Shield Penetration* Supernatural Feat
You are proficient at overcoming the resistance of Psychic Shields. You get a +2 bonus on checks to overcome a target's pychic shield.
Skill Focus CHoose a known skill. You gain +3 bonus on all checks involving that skill. CHoosing this skill multiple times requires choosing a different skill.
This feat can be taken multiple times.
Skill Mastery CHoose four of your known skills. When makign checks with thise skills, you can take 10 even when distracted or under pressure. This feat does not allow you to take 10 with skills that normally do not allow you to do so.
This feat can be taken multiple times.
Skill Training You gain four additional free skill ranks, which may be applied any way you wish, but they may not exceed any skill over the (Campaign Level +3) cap.
Slow Fall Prerequisite: Jump Rank 5
You can slow your fall if you are within arm's reach of a wall or similar structure. Subtract 10 feet from the fall per two Campaign Levels before determining damage. At campaign Level 20, you can use any narby surface o slow your descent and fall any distance without harm.
Smite Opponent Prerequisite: Favored Opponent
Can use this once per day per four Campaign Levels.When striking a favored opponent in melee, can add Charisma to your attack roll and half the campaign level (round up) to the damage.
Snatch Arrows Prerequisite: Deflect Arrows
Wgen using the delflect arrows feat, you may catch the ammunition instead of just deflecting it. Thrown weapons can immediately be thrown back at the original attacer (as a reaction attack) or kept for later use.
Sneak Attack When you make a surprise attack, you do +2 damage. You cannot surprise attack an opponent you cannot perceive, and opponents immune to critical attacks suffer no additional damage. Taking this feat multiple times increases the damage done by +1, to a maximum of +5.
This feat can be taken multiple times.
Spirited Charge Prerequisite: Mounted Combat
WHen mounted and using the charge action, ou deal +3 damage with a melee weapon.
Startle You can make an Intimidate check rather than a Bluff check to feint in combat. Targets resist with Intimidate, Sense Motive, or Will and gain a _1 bonus on their resistance check per each additional startle attempt against them in the same encounter.
Stunning Attack When you make an unarmed attack, you can choose not to inflict normal damage, instead the target makes a Fort save against a Difficulty of 10, plus your unarmed combat damage bonus. A successful save resuls in no effect, but a failed save means the target is dazed for one round. Failure by 5 or more means the target is stunned for one round. Failure by 10 or more renders the target unconscious.
Style Mastery Choose any combat style you have equal to your level. You receive a permanent +1 bonus to this style, even if this raises it above the Campaign Level cap. This feat may be taken more than once. Each time, you may apply it to the same style or a different one.
This feat can be taken multiple times.
Subtle Power* Supernatural Power
You an use your powers with less chance of notice. Characters using Second Sight cannot detect your power use nor can its use be detected later using second sight A subtle power use increases fatigue save Difficulty by +2.
Suggestion Prerequisite: Fascinate (same skill)
You can use an interaction skill to plant a suggestion in the mind of a subject you have fascinated. The difficulty of te target's Will save is 10 + half the Campaign level + your CHA.
Supernatural Focus* Choose one of your powers. You gain a 3 bonus to power rank with that power.
This feat can be taken multiple times.
Supernatural Talent* Choose two powers. You gain a +2 bonus to power rank with those powers.
This feat can be taken multiple times.
Talented Choose two known and related skills, or two specialties from a specialization skill. You gain a +2 bonus with both skills.
This feat can be taken multiple times.
Taunt You can shake an opponent's confidence with clever taunts. Use a standard action and make a bluff check against your target's Sense MOtive check or Will save. If you scceed, the target suffers 2 to attack checks and saving throws (but not Toughness saves.) Targets get a +1 resistance per each additional Bluff attempt against them in the same scee (successful or not.)
Tireless Prerequisites: Constitution +1, Endurance
You have tremendous energy reserves. You suffer no penalties from being winded or fatigued although you still gain fatigue levels normally. This feat has no effect on exhaustion or unconsciousness due to fatigue.
Tough Your Toughness save bonus increases by +1. You can take this feat multiple times for a maximum of +5. This feat stacks with any worn armor or other protection.
This feat can be taken multiple times.
Track You can find and follow tracks left by other creatures.
Trackless Prerequisite: Trained in Stealth and Survival
If you choose, you leave no trail in natural surroundings and cannot be tracked.
Trailblazer Prerequisite: Trained in Survival
You can move through any sort of natural surroundings at your normal speed. You are still affected by weather conditions, however.
Uncanny Dodge You retain your dodge bonus to Defense when surprised, flat-footed, or surprise-atacked, so long as you are able to react.
Wealthy Your wealth bonus is increased by +4
This feat can be taken multiple times.
Weapon Bind If you are using a parry defense and an opponent misses you with an armed melee attack, you can make a disarm attampt immediately as a free action. The disarm attempt is carried out normally, including the attacker getting the opportnity to disarm you (unless you have the Improved Disarm feat.)
Weapon Break If you are using a parry defense and an opponent misses you wiht an armed melee attack, ou can make an attack against your opponen's weapon immediately as a free action. This requires a normal attack roll and inflicts normal damage to the weapon if it hits.
Well-Informed You are exceptionally well-informed and quickly develop a catalogue of information wherever you go. When you meet an individual, grop, or organization for the first time, you can make an immediate Gatehr Information check as a reaction to see if your character has heard something about the subject. You receive only one check per subject.
Widen Power* Supernatural Feat
You can broaden the effect of one of your powers You turn a single-target power into an area effect power with an AOE of twice the Campaign Level in feet. The widened power's fatigue Difficulty increases by +6.
* - Supernatural Feat.


A character's Conviction is 1 plus the average of their Ability scores.

The chracter's Virtue is what allows the character to regain spent Conviction. When a character plays to their Virtue in a dramatically appropriate manner, they may be awarded a point of Conviction at the GM's discretion.

Vice is taken as a Drawback in M&M terms.

Note: The following section is a draft rule that is still being considered.

Value Frequency: How often does the drawback arise?
(Simple d20 roll (or similar mechanic
such as a WILL or FORT save failure.))
+1 Uncommon (Once every few sessions, DC15)
+2 Common (Once every couple of sessions, DC10)
+3 Very Common (Every session, DC5)

Value Intensity: How seriously is the character affected by the drawback?
(WILL or FORT save as appropriate, or similar mechanic.)
0 Minor: Not difficult to overcome, DC5
+1 Moderate: Overcome about half the time, DC10
+2 Major: Difficult to overcome, DC15

The player calculates the total value of their Vice, and may then spend that number of points on their character.

Note that the Vice may be paid off with CPs later in the game, or 'traded down' for a new or less-frequent or less-intense version, by spending the appropriate number of CPs.

At this time, only one Vice may be purchased for a character.


Players may choose Powers for their

To use Supernatural Powers, characters must first choose what ability governs their powers -- Charisma, Intelligence, or Wisdom. They must then purchase Power Levels, paying 2 points per Level. (If the player chooses to have a character with several governing abilities -- say, a hermetic mage who is also a priest -- they must purchase separate Power Levels for each characteristic; they do not have to be equal to each other.)

NOTE: The use of a Power Level for Powers basically acts as an Adept Level in a classless character generation system. It also allows any character access to Supernatural Powers, dependent on setting/genre, of course.

Note that for this game, PCs may not learn Apport, Blink, Teleport, or Plane Shift right away.

Depending on the games Setting/Genre, some characters may choose to have Supernatural Powers. These can be acquired in place of one of the character's normal feats (costing 1 point per spell).

To use Supernatural Powers, characters must first choose what ability governs their powers -- Charisma, Intelligence, or Wisdom. They must then purchase Power Levels, paying 2 points per Level. Power Level may not exceed Campaign Level. Each Supernatural Power has a Power Rank equal to Power Level + 3. (If the player chooses to have a character with several governing abilities -- say, a hermetic mage who is also a priest -- they must purchase separate Power Levels for each characteristic; they do not have to be equal to each other.)

NOTE: The use of a Power Level for Powers basically acts as an Adept Level in a classless character generation system. It also allows any character access to Supernatural Powers, dependent on setting/genre, of course.

Note that for this game, powers that have in their name or description 'mind' or 'psychic' are not immediately available to the PCs -- that is, they cannot learn them from the priestess or witch of Stanton. Also, they may not learn Apport, Blink, Teleport, or Plane Shift right away.

Power Capsule Description
Apport transport creatures, objects, or self to different locations.
Beast Link Perceive through an animal's senses.
Blink Teleport rapidly to avoid attacks.
Bliss Project blissful feelings to daze a subject.
Body Control Exert mental control over your body.
Calm Drain intense emotion from others.
Cold Shaping Create intense cold
Combat Sense Gain a temporary Combat bonus
Cure Heal injuries by touch.
Cure Blindness/Deafness Remove blindness or deafness
Cure Disease Remove a disease, preventing further harm.
Cure Poison Rempve a poison, preventing further harm.
Dominate Control a subject's actions. (Mind.)
Drain Vitality Drain vital energy by touch.
Earth Shaping Shape and direct masses of earth and stone
Elemental Aura Surround yourself with a damaging aura.
Elemental Blase Strike a foe with a focused blast of elemental force.
Elemental Resistance Resist the effects of a particular element
Elemental Weapon Imbue a weapon with damaging elemental energy.
Energy Shaping Shape and direct the flow of electromagnetic energy.
Enhance Ability Temporarilly boost your Strength or Dexterity
Ehnahce Other Temporarilly enhance someone else's Strength or Dexterity
Enhance Senses Temporary bonus to Notice, Search, and Sense Motive checks.
Fire Shaping Shape and direct fire.
Flesh Shaping Shape and mold flesh like clay into other forms.
Ghost Touch Touch and affect incorporeal creatures as if they were solid.
Harm Inflict injury with a touch.
Heart Reading Sense the emotions of other creatures.
Heart Shaping Impose emotional conditions on others.
Illusion Create Illusions that fool the senses.
Imbue Life Restre life to the recently dead.
Imbue Unlife Create undead creatures.
Light Shaping Shape and direct light and illumination
Manipulate Object Manipulate and handle objects at a distance.
Mind Probe Probe a subject's mind for information.
Mind Reading Sense a subject's surface thoughts.
Mind Shaping Alter a subject's memories or behavior.
Mind Touch Establish mental contact with another mind.
Move Object Lift and move objects at a distance.
Nature Reading Sense the flows and signs of the natural world.
Object reading. Read psychic impressions from places and objects.
Pain Inflict stunning pain on a target.
Phase Become incorporeal.
Plane Shift You can transport yourself to other dimensions
Plant Shaping Shape living plants and wood and direct their growth.
Pschic Blast Inflict mental damage on a target.
Psychic Reflection Send a psychic attac back at the attacker.
Psychic Shield Shield your mind from psychic influences.
Psychic Trap Counterattack an attempt to bypass your Psychic Shield.
Psychic Weapon Create a melee weapon out of psychic energy.
Scrying Sense distant events as if you were present.
Second Sight Sense the use and lingering effects of supernatural powers.
Self Shaping Reshape your body into different creatures.
Sense Minds Sense the presence and location of other minds.
Severance Remove the powers of others temporarily.
Sleep Put a target into a deep sleep.
Suggestion Implant suggestions into the minds of others.
Supernatural Speed Move at great speed in short bursts.
Supernatural Strike Overcome the damage reduction of supernatural creatures.
Supernatural Weapon Imbue weapons to overcome damage reduction.
Teleport Move instantly from place to place.
Truth-Reading Sense when someone is lying to you.
Visions See visions of the future.
Ward Create interference with supernatural powers or creatures.
Water Shaping Shape and direct the flow of water.
Weather Shaping Shape and direct weather conditions.
Wind Shaping Shape and direct the force of the wind.
Wind Walk Walk on air.

Special Abilities

A Character may choose one Special Ability. Alternatively, they may develop a Special Ability with the aid of the GM from the rules in the True20 Companion.

Special Abilities

Ability Description
The Talent You can spend a Conviction Point to use a supernatural power you do not possess, using half the Campaign Level (Rounded up) as your Power level. If you have purchased Power Levels and take The Talent as a Special Ability, then you may use half-Campaign Level (rounded up) or Power Level, whichever is higher, when figuring Power Rank. You may also spend a Conviction Point to eliminate any accumulated modifiers to Fatigue Saving Throws for using Powers.
Determination The character can spend a point of Conviction to immediately erase all bruised and hurt conditions (as well as their associated penalties).
Expertise The character can spend a point of Conviction to gain four temporary ranks in any skill, including ones in which the character is not trained or ones that cannot be used untrained. This bonus lasts until the end of the scene.
Mass Casting You may spend a Conviction point to negate the increase in Difficulty due to targeting multiple subjects with your powers. The number of subjects targeted is limited to the power’s Key Ability score. Attempting to use a power on additional targets above that limit increases the Power and Fatigue Check difficulties according to the rules found in Chapter 4 of the True20 Corebook.
Empowered Choose 4 powers at Character Creation. You may spend a Conviction Point to access one power from this list for the duration of the scene, using half the Campaign Level (Rounded up) as your Power Level. If you ever learn one of those powers (via purchasing it later), you may replace it with a new power.
Rally the Troops By spending a Conviction Point and a full round action you may rally your allies and help them ignore their wounds. For a number of rounds equal to your Charisma score any allies that are Disabled or Dying may act as if they are Wounded. At the end of the duration of this ability affected allies must make a Constitution check (DC 10). On a failed check the character dies.
Resurgence By spending a Conviction Point and a full action you may rally your allies. For a number of rounds equal to your Charisma score any allies within 30 feet of you that are Wounded may ignore the -2 penalty for being Wounded for the duration of the ability. At the end of the ability’s duration the affected allies must make a Recovery check. If they succeed they remain Wounded; a failed check moves them to Disabled.
Inspiration The character can spend a Conviction Point to get a sudden inspiration in the form of a hint, clue, or bit of help from the GM. This may even extend to the GM allowing a favorable condition or circumstance for the PC (such as finding a vital item or weapon in the right place at the right time, or finding out the villain’s weakness), though it cannot be used to reverse something that has already happened.

Add It Up

Calculate total Saving Throw bonuses by adding Base Saving Throw bonuses, Ability Modifiers (CON for Toughness and Fortitude, DEX for Reflex and WIS for Will), and any bonuses gained through purchased Feats.

Add Base Combat Bonus and DEX modifier, plus any bonuses gained through purchased Feats, to ascertain the character's Attack Bonus. Note Dodge Bonus (DEX modifier) and Parry Bonus (STR modifier).


Players receive character points at the end of one or two sessions. 1-3 points depending on a number of things: Overcoming difficult opposition, solving the "case", good roleplaying, etc. They use those points to increase character stats. Once they've received 7 points the Narrator may decide to increase the Campaign Level by one.


The following are the basic differences between the system Malthusian introduced and the adapted one used in When The Bough Breaks.


Awen is the stuff of dreams -- it is the energy which emanates from dreaming and creating mortals. It manifests in the Dreamtime as something called awen. It forms the basis of trade and also the basis of permanent items.

Awen comes in three forms: free, grains, and fixed. Free awen is a wash of energy at Firstlight that acts like a vast tide of energy rushing outward from the Mirror. Grains of awen are much more rare, and appears as grains of sand in shimmering red and blue hues. Fixed awen is actually grains of awen that have been used to make an object permanent; it is useless for any other purpose once it has been fixed.


Dreamweaving is the ability to change the Dreamtime. It is almost always more powerful than the use of Conviction in the waking, physical world. Characters regain Conviction at the turning of the cycle. The following are the effects that characters can make use of Conviction for in dreamweaving. Note that aethyrs MAY NOT use Conviction in ANY of these ways.


This is the ability to alter the landscape and self according to the character's desires. By spending a Conviction point, the character can change their visual appearance to anything the desire, however, it will not give them the abilities of the same. Spending TWO Conviction will allow them to take on such an appearance with the benefits for one scene; the main limitation is that it must be something the character has seen before, and must be approximately their same size. Also, the will be limited to that shape; if the shape does not have hands, they will not be able to do anything requiring manual exterity. Spending FOUR Conviction will allow the character to retain that shape -- and abilities -- until Turning.

Escape Certain Death

Spending one Conviction after a failed Constitution check allows you to automatically stabilize.

Improbable Deed

Spending a Conviction point allows the character to reduce the DC of a specific type of task by 10 for one scene. It will also allow a character to use a skill as a power. (For example, using the Medicine skill as a Heal power.)

Unbelievable Challenge

You can spend one Conviciton point to ignore either a -10 penalty or +10 increase to the DC for the challenge. Essentially, you perform the challenge as if it were a normal check.

Chart of the Dreamtime



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