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Graphic Design Video Production

Graphic Design

     A variety of graphics intended for product branding, web page design, and identification.

Breakfast With Santa

     Breakfast With Santa is a children's charity in the San Jose, CA, area. This was one of the first projects I worked on, and working with the web design group we came up with an easy-to-update design which has remained in place and has received approving feedback for almost four years. I created the "modular mantle" (pictured at left) and the background for this project.

     The website won a Golden Web Award for 2003-2004.

Breakfast With Santa

Success With Joy - Banner proposal
Success With Joy - Banner proposal
Success With Joy - Banner proposal (Final)

Success With Joy

     The logo for Success With Joy went through several iterations before settling upon the final version pictured to the left. Creating the title logo took up most of my involvement with this project; I also created the background 'swoop' and several of the small graphical objects on the site.
Success With Joy
Women's Council of Realtors Santa Clara Valley Chapter - Banner proposal (Final)

Women's Council of Realtors, Santa Clara Valley Chapter

     The logo was intended to be based loosely on other WCR chapter banners, but aside from the WCR logo itself, everything needed to be new and fresh and original.
Jewels of Success - Page proposal 1a Jewels of Success - Page proposal 1d Jewels of Success - Page proposal 3c4

Jewels of Success - Banner proposal 06a
Jewels of Success - Banner proposal 10 (Final)

Jewels of Success

     A great deal of planning went into making the website of Jewels of Success what it is today. At left you can see several page proposals that the web design group and myself worked on prior, as well as two samples of logos/banner titles. The one on the bottom is the one which became the final logo. I was also responsible for all of the buttons on this site.
Jewels of Success
Jewels of Success - Page proposal 1a
Jewels of Success - Banner proposal 06a
Jewels of Success - Banner proposal 10 (Final)

Illumination Connection

     The initial design idea was looking for motion, focus, movement towards a goal. As the project progressed, we came up with other ideas for banner and identity ideas for Illumination Connection. This project is continuing. Currently, the first banner on the left is serving as 'placeholder' for Illumination Connection's website.
Topaz Moon - Yellow star for system display
Topaz Moon - White star for galaxy displayTopaz Moon - Collapsar for galaxy display

Topaz Moon

     Topaz Moon is a game being developed by Rdwarf Internet Services. I was contracted to create a variety of icons and symbols for the in-game space maps, and these stars are the start of this work. The graphics needed to conform to format standards and be highly scalable.
City of Calais - Proposed Logo 1
City of Calais - Proposed Logo 2

City of Calais, ME

     These logos were created and submitted to the city council during their plans to "re-image" Calais to improve tourism.
ACCtv - Channel 10 Station ID ACCtv - Channel 26 Station ID
ACCtv - Logo Proposal ACCtv - Logo Proposal

Access Carson City TV

     ACCtv is Carson City's public-access television station. It consists of two channels: Channel 10, which is the public-access channel proper; and channel 26, which covers government meetings including the state's Legislative Council Bureau.

     The first image is a screenshot of the channel identifier for Channel 10. We wanted something simple but evocative.

     The station identifier for Channel 26 was a little more complex. We wanted to give the idea of motion, movement, things happening; and to sugggest the environs of Carson City itself. Later on in the spot we have the names of the various government councils which we film appearing.

     The last two images are proposals for the station logo. Again, we wanted something simple which could be adapted to a translucent station ID bug for broadcasting.

Nevada Trails - Address for spot
Nevada Trails - Current Topic Bug
Nevada Trails - Proposed Topic Bug
Nevada Trails - New Logo

Nevada Trails

     Nevada Trails is a show produced weekly by Access Carson City TV, and hosted by Brian Doyal and Jake Munoz. It is a show about activities in Nevada's backcountry, what to do and how to do it safely and courteously while keeping it fun. From the start, we have attempted to maintain consistent title and element themes.

     The first image is an example of an address window made for a TV spot, for viewers to send their own material to the show.

     The second image shows an example of the "topic bugs" used during segments to tell the channel-surfing viewer what's going on.

     The third image shows a new topic bug -- this one for the TrailsNews segment -- that I designed and that we will be implementing across the board shortly. It also represents a redesign of the Nevada Trails identity. The bottom-most image shows a new logo being developed for Nevada Trails.


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Video Production

     Video editing, credits, spots, and trailers.

Access Carson City TV

ACCtv - Channel 10 Station ID      This is the station identifier for ACCtv Channel 10.
ACCtv - Channel 26 Station ID      This is the station identifier for ACCtv Channel 26. As noted above, we wanted to give the impression of motion and "things ahppening" as well as to present the various government bodies which we film for broadcast.
ACCtv - Operation      Early in 2007, the city of Carson City conducted a joint exercise between it's emergency response units and those of surrounding counties. The exercise, called "Operation Field Day," was filmed by us and edited by myself. One version, unabridged, was sent to the Fire Department for training purposes, and another, more exhaustive edit, was done for broadcast.

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